Benign skin tumours

Benign skin tumours

MOLE (naevus) is non-malignant tumour of the skin and the mucous membrane, from light brown to completely dark colour, in different shapes and sizes. An adult has between 15 and 20 moles, some of which are present from childhood, while others appear later in life. Occasionally, examine your moles for changes in size, colour, shape and other occurrences such as itchiness, flakiness, or bleeding. Consult your plastic surgeon once a year, and if you have more than 20 moles - every 6 months. Moles are removed by surgical excision, or radio excision, and the final diagnosis is verified by hystopathological analysis.

VERRICOUS NAEVUS is a wart-like skin lesion.

PAPILLOMA is a benign lesion of the skin and the mucous membrane caused by a viral infection. The most affected parts of the body are: the neck, upper arm, axilla region, under the breasts, abdomen and the groin area. These are frequently on a penducle, elastic and skin coloured - removed by radio excision.

LIPOMA is a benign tumour of the fat tissue usually appearing in subcutaneous tissue of the neck, back, shoulders, and abdominal wall. It is small in size, but sometimes it can reach very large proportions. Lipoma is a soft, elastic nodule that is not always well outlined, covered by unaltered skin. It must be removed carefully and completely.

KERATOSIS is a flat, yellowish or brownish lesion of various sizes that appears usually on uncovered parts of the body such as the face, neck, upper chest, arms and back. It does not appear on the palms of hands and the soles of feet. It grows progressively, gradually getting darker, sometimes becoming even black. It is removed by radio waves.

DERMATOFIBROMA appears as a single or multiple, firm or painless nodule. It is usually found in adults, and these are usually localized on the extremities, but can appear on other parts of the body. It ranges in colour from red to yellow or brown, and it varies in size from a few millimetres to a few centimetres. It is removed by surgical excision. A Ph analysis is recommended.

ATHEROMA is a change on the skin caused by clogged sebaceous glands’ channel. It appears in the form of a pimple on the face, head, ears, neck, and the back. It is removed surgically, and it must be removed completely, otherwise a very painful infection with signs of purulence may develop.

WARTS are caused by a viral infection; they are easily removed, although the removal procedure must be repeated often enough.