Enlarged male breast can pose a serious aesthetic problem for men. The procedure for solving the problem is quite simple.

Male breast can be increased due to the presence of fat tissue, which is often the case with obese patients, or due to enlarged glandular tissue. The surgical procedure involves the removal of the mammary gland through a small segmentally arched incision at the edge of the areola.

However, obese people are often also indicated for the liposuction of fat tissue, which is imbued with mammary gland, with or without removal of the gland. Then the incision is barely a few millimeters long. The recommendation is to use a compression bandage for at least two weeks. If necessary, the excess skin and gland around the nipple is surgically removed. Medical corset is worn for a month.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 1 hour.

Drains are removed after 24 hours, and stitches after two weeks.