Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction during/after breast cancer treatment

There is primary, and secondary reconstruction.

The secondary type of breast reconstruction is most frequently performed in our hospital.

This is related to the patients that had a breast already removed. The procedure can be performed several months, or even several years after the oncological treatment of the breast cancer. This procedure is a good option for female patients whose initial condition has not spread, and they are motivated to regain their quality of life. There are several types of breast reconstruction after the removal of the breast.

The choice of procedure depends on the additional oncological treatment, the quality of skin and the size of the breast, in accordance with the patient’s wishes and her constitution.

The surgical procedure includes breast reconstruction by placing a temporary, or permanent prosthesis. Endoprosthesis with anatomic shape are used because these simulate the natural look of the breast better. The next step of the procedure is symmetrization – correction of the healthy breast’s position. This procedure is comfortable for the patient, it is performed in relatively short time, and recovery is not difficult, so the patient is on her way to a new life after two weeks.

If there is a lack of skin, it primarily needs to be expanded in the first phase of the procedure by applying the so called tissue expander, or placing a Becker’s prosthesis which stays permanently. During the next few weeks, the patient stays in the hospital for 5 to 7 days during which a small amount of saline solution is gradually placed through a certain place on the skin into the implant, filling the implant gradually to a desired size.

A few months after the procedure, nipple reconstruction can be performed using the skin from the labia, segment from the nipple of the healthy breast or tattooing, and additional correction can also be performed concerning the symmetry with the other breast (reduction and lift of the other breast).

The procedure is performed in an hour to an hour and a half, under general anesthesia.

The procedure for the congenitally undeveloped breast is similar.

Sometimes, rare complications may occur in the form of swelling, or serome which has to be drained longer.

Preventive breast examination 

In order to make a diagnosis and determine treatment timely, preventive breast examinations are performed in our hospital and patients receive certain education concerning daily self examination.

Patients also get a brochure with detailed information.