Non-surgical methods

Ultrasound lipolysis

Non-surgical obesity and cellulite treatment by ultrasound lipolysis


It is important to mention that the cavitation method is a method for body shaping, and fat deposits melting, but not for weight loss.

Ultrasound probe moves over the skin, over the applied contact gel. Soft, relaxing humming sound, and the feeling of warmth are the only sensations the patient feels. The procedure takes 20-40 minutes, it is very comfortable, and non-invasive, and does not interfere with the patients’ everyday activities.

Cavitation method uses ultrasonic waves that penetrate to the subcutaneous fat and degrade it – the membranes of the lipocytes burst, and the content is absorbed into the intracellular tissue. It degrades further under the influence of enzymes, and it is eliminated through the lymph system (the same way the fat acquired by food intake is degraded).

A device for electro stimulation is used after the procedure, to insure better lymph drainage, and the device also has other different programs for fat deposits melting, and body shaping. While you are comfortably accomodated on the bed, reading your favourite book, or taking a nap, with this procedure - you will achieve the same results as that of a hard workout.

Unlike the results from various diets, exercising, or food depravation, which most often involve only loss of water from the body, cavitation directly eliminates lipocytes, and the results are permanent.

The optimal number of treatments is 3 to 6, with breaks in between two treatments. The patient looses 1,5 cm (in circumference) after the first treatment, and 3 to 4 cm, by following treatments.