Regular check-ups are the safest way to fight melanoma.

It is not necessary to waste time in various doctors’ offices. Your plastic surgeon will consecutively perform an examination of your skin and/or changes on the skin, a dermoscopy of suspicious moles, a removal of the mole if such indication is present and send the sample for a pathohistological analysis. You will quickly and safely get a diagnosis, with minimal scaring. Dermascopy is a big help in early detection of melanoma.

Painless, noninvasive diagnostical method is used for deep tissue examination of the moles and other changes of the skin, which normally can not be detected. Considering that a very significant number of malignant melanoma develops on the existing mole, regular examination is necessary. Risk signs indicating that you should visit a plastic surgeon for a dermoscopy are:

Persons that are in risk group for developing melanoma: persons with more than 100 moles on the skin, more atypical moles, persons with fair colored hair, eyes and skin, persons than burn easily in the sun and never tan, persons with family history of melanoma.

Dermascopy is a big help in early detection of melanoma.

Early removal of the suspicious skin pigment changes can save the patients life.

The removal of moles does not include any risk, the removal is completely safe, even if done only for aesthetic reasons.