Face-lift (face lifting/firming) - Rhytidectomy

Face-lift, i.e. lifting, or firming of the face, intervention known in aesthetic surgery as rhytidectomy is certainly one of the more popular methods for creating a younger appearance in your face. It reduces the sagging, or folds of skin on the cheeks and jawline, and all other changes in the shape of your face, that occur with age.

By aging facial skin relaxes and becomes less elastic and sagging, face takes a square appearance, due to excess skin in the line from the corner of the mouth to the lower jaw, droopy eyelids, wrinkled forehead and neck.

The intervention is performed under general anesthesia for a period of 2-4 hours. It is recommended to combine this intervention with the correction of the eyelids.

All scars are small, and well hidden beneath the hair, or in the natural folds of the skin.

The first bandage replacement is done on the next day after surgery. Compressive mask is included in the cost of operation and is worn up to 7 days, and the removal of sutures is performed 5-12 days after surgery.