Eyelid correction

Eyelid corrective surgery - Blepharoplasty

Lifting and firming of the eyelids, known in aesthetic surgery as blepharoplasty is a corrective surgical procedure that involves removing excess skin from the eyelids, as well as removing the periorbital fat tissue from upper and lower eyelids.

The incision line on the upper eyelids is set at 4-5 mm from the eyelashes, in the area of natural crease of the eye, and on the lower eyelid it is set just below the lashes, so that the incisions are not visible.

This procedure is recommended in combination with a facelift, if this is indicated. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia, or in analgosedation.

The operation lasts from 45-60 minutes.

The patient leaves the hospital in 1-2 hours after the surgery.

Sutures are removed after 3-7 days