Circumcisia (circumcision)

Phimosis is a congenital, or otherwise acquired condition present in children and adults, where the pulling back of the foreskin over the glans of the penis is difficult, or impossible. This constraint sometimes appears only during an erection, and sometimes also in relaxed state. It can also be the case that the frenulum from the lower side of the glans is too short, pulling the glans of the penis downwards, which causes pain, and can rupture during sexual intercourse. New scars appear, which shorten the frenulum even further, and so phimosis develops. Narrowing of the prepuce, urine blockage, cessation of smegma can lead to repetitive acute inflammation, and chronic irritation.

This condition is eliminated with simple surgical procedure under analgo-sedation. The excess of the foreskin is removed, partially or completely.

The patient leaves the hospital 2 hours after the procedure. A special elastic adhesive bandage is applied, which is removed after 4 days. This bandage alleviates pain and makes hygiene maintaining easier.