Lower leg contouring

Lower leg augmentation by implants

Augmentation of the thighs, and lower legs is performed by placement of implants.

The surgical procedure is performed in general anesthesia. The incisions are positioned in the groin area, for placing the implants in the area over the knee, and they are positioned in the area behind the knee, for placing the implants in the lower leg.

Reduced activity after the procedure is advised for patients, as well as keeping the legs elevated.

It is necessary to wear garments, or elastic bandages for varicose veins.

7 days after the surgery, the patient can walk, and the process of adaptation begins.

Unlike breast implants, the patient can feel the presence of these implants, and it takes a few months to get used to them.

A compressive suit is included in the price of the surgery, and it's obligatory for the next 4 weeks.